Team That Captures Life’s Memories

Digital makes photography inexpensive to capture many pictures in a setting, We go through hundreds of photographs, picking only the ones that really capture the magic of the event and the client’s personality.


Lead Photographer

After a long romance with the art, I get to find in photography the muse of my own creativity. My pursuit of new experiences pushes me to continually evolve my vision, while reminding me of the importance of carrying my camera with humour, compassion and curiosity.


Assistant Photographer & Model

I have found my assistants to be invaluable help to me during my photo shoots, whether they are setting up my lights or sets, helping me remedy impromptu situations, capturing behind-the-scenes or holding a reflector on my model. Almost anything can become a photo assistant’s task, during or after a photo shoot.


Beautician & Magician

Everyone is photogenic. Being a beautician doesn’t just mean you’re good at manicures, or handy with a tanning kit; the job role is so wide-ranging and specialised. Beauty techniques and technology are constantly evolving, so it’s important to constantly learn while on the job.

How We Capture the Moment

Keep the Client Comfortable

Because we’ve spent a great deal of time working on the arts scene, we’ve had plenty of time to study how people react to someone in their comfort zone.

Towards that end, we’ve created a way of getting close without making the photo’s subjects uncomfortable. If it takes a minute or an hour to capture the perfect magic of your special moment, we’ll find a way in without breaking the mood.

A Study of Subjects

Therapeutic Solutions for Capturing You At Your Best

As an art photographer, I’ve learned how to approach a subject from a number of different possible angles, both physically and figuratively.

Unlike big-box photography studios, we work with our subject to make them comfortable so that they’re willing to reveal that special magic to us. Instead of snapping the first picture of a child smiling, we look for much more.

We’ve used play therapy to help children open up for their pictures, letting them show their real personality in the photographs we capture.

We spend time before the session getting to know myour clients so that their love shows through in photos that they’ll adore because it captures their spirit.

Portraits don’t have to be staged and staid! We’re willing to travel to your favorite place and catch you there.